Drink Pink at Howl at the Moon


Over $210,000 Donated
Over 1,233 Free Mammograms Given to patients in need


Starting several years ago, Howl at the Moon started selling a cocktail called Pink Lotus in Chicago during the entire month of October. With each Pink Lotus sold, Howl at the Moon donated a portion of the proceeds to the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation’s Open Arms Outreach Fund.

With proceeds benefiting the Open Arms Foundation, "The Betsy" is the most charitable bucket on our menu! 💝💕💗 Open Arms provides free mammograms to women in need! . . . . #howlatthemoon #openarms #livemusic #drinks #wolfpack #buckets #bucketsofbooze #thebetsy #BCA #fightlikeagirl #drinkpink #shots #weekend #welcometotheshow

With the success of the campaign in Chicago, Howl expanded to reach all of our locations and has added the Pink Paradise cocktail to our national drink menu as a way to donate year round. Since the beginning, Howl at the Moon has generated over $185,000 to the Drink Pink campaign with donations to Hinsdale Hospital and the Lynn Sage Foundation.


Howl at the Moon is proud of our partnership with the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation’s Open Arms fund.

This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was established in 2011 to support breast cancer patients and families by funding programs that bring hope and healing as they help families navigate the difficult journey through cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Every $150 raised equals a free mammogram for a person in need. The Open Arms fund allows these people to receive the gift of early detection and opportunity to access lifesaving treatment options.


You can show your support by visiting Howl at the Moon. We are donating $1 for every Pink Lotus drink sold to the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation’s Open Arms fund. For questions about this charity and Howl Cares, email info@howlatthemoon.com.


This charity is close to our hearts at Howl at the Moon as we lost an amazing member of the Howl family to breast cancer. Betsy Sweeney dedicated her life to help people in need as she fought the battle of cancer right beside them. She lost that battle of cancer in 2016. Her legacy is the creation of the patient navigation oncology program in the new Amita Health Cancer Institute & Outpatient Center in Hinsdale. She was an integral part of the development of the Cancer Center and it held a special place in her heart. We want to continue her legacy by donating to this important cause.

Drink Pink


Not long ago, Greta* moved in with her daughter Alice’s family to help with their new baby. Within days, Greta experienced severe breast pain – was it from the uncomfortable plane journey? Lifting the baby? And why wasn’t it getting better?

When the pain did not subside, Alice sought help from her own physician and found resources for her newly uninsured mother – including the news that Hinsdale Hospital Foundation’s Open Arms fund would pay for her screening mammogram. Greta was quickly seen at the AMITA Health Cancer Institute Hinsdale. Her caregivers – our associates and providers – knew that early detection is critical for patient survival. No delays are tolerable when it comes to a potentially life-saving screening.

When a screening leads to a cancer diagnosis, as it did for Greta, Open Arms offers further assistance with diagnostic testing and related services.

As Alice wrote recently, “My whole family greatly appreciates the help my mother received through Hinsdale Hospital Foundation at the time we needed it the most. Our caregivers are kind, we know my mom is in good hands, and the financial assistance makes all the difference for her peace of mind. Thank you all.”

Hinsdale Hospital Foundation’s Open Arms fund, established by a breast cancer survivor and patient advocate, is funded by donations from compassionate individuals, medical practitioners – including our own nurses – and other community partners. It’s a true example of our caring community extending the hospital’s healing mission to all in need.

*Please note that names have been changed to protect patient privacy.