6 Gifts for People Who Hate Valentine’s Day

January 29, 2016

If you’ve ever been to our annual Love SUX party, you know we’re touch and go about Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship, great! Celebrate it everyday! If you’re not in a relationship, avoid all the chubby babies with bows and arrows and come dance with us instead! If you or someone you know would prefer to avoid the day all together, at least make it fun with some of these anti-Valentine’s Day gifts. There’s definitely something for every one of your single, Valentine’s Day hating friends on this list.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Heart Piñata

Throwing your own little Love SUX celebration? Then you’ll need this Anti-Valentine’s Day Pinata! Who doesn’t want to smack around a giant heart when you’re sick and tired of seeing couples everywhere?


Half-Hearted Greeting Card

Tired of all the cutesy hearts and candies? You can still say “Hey, you’re cool.” without going over the top. If you and your crush haven’t had “the talk” and you’re trying to be laid back about it, this is probably the card for you. Maybe. No commitments.


Conversation Hearts Anti-Valentine’s Day Banner

Forget Valentine’s Day decorations! Get this Anti-Valentine’s Day candy heart banner for your apartment to show everyone how you really feel.


Anti-Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Share you anti-cute sentiment with the whole office! There will be enough candy and Valentines to go around, so help break up the usual stuff with something a little different. Now you can finally hand that “Go Away” cookie to someone you really loathe.


Meh Heart Mini Button

Wear your heart on your sleeve! Or your jacket or sweater or wherever you want to show off how you feel about the holiday.


Boys Tears iPhone6 Case

Since you’re on your phone all the time anyway, nothing says “can’t tie me down” like this 100% Boys Tears phone case!

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