Hot Cocktail Recipes for Cold Hands

October 31, 2023

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We tried not thinking about it and we tried avoiding it, but there is no more ignoring it – winter is here to stay. For many of us, this means it is going to be cold for a looooong time. So we are trying to look at the upside here! Lots of blankets and LOTS of hot drinks. There is nothing better on a freezing winter night than to be enjoying some live music surrounded by your friends with a nice cup of mulled wine in your hands. Right? Imagine it right now. Doesn’t that make it better?

To help keep us all sane through what will probably be another harsh winter, here are some of our favorite drink warm cocktail recipes that will help you get motivated to get up and off that couch.

Howlin' Mule

Bailey’s Chai

First up is the Bailey’s Chai, because, Chai and Bailey’s – duh! This combination of Chai tea, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and a splash of vanilla vodka will have you feeling all warm and tingly in no time. Really. Get the recipe on The Cookie Rookie.


Warm Vanilla Cider

You can never go wrong with a little warmed up cider and some bourbon, but throw in some vanilla and this drink will be a giant warm hug for your tongue. Get the recipe on Nutmeg Nanny.


Hoppin’ Hot Scotch Cocktail

Okay, listen up: butterscotch schnapps, hot chocolate, and amaretto. Can you think of a more perfect dessert cocktail? Make it for holiday gatherings or just sip on it when you get home after dinner. Nothing else will be this rich or decadent and boozy. Get the recipe at HGTV.


Hot Buttered Rum

You can never go wrong with a classic and this one is a favorite for rum fans. Rum, sugar, and cinnamon combine to taste like the holidays. Get the recipe on Buzzfeed.


Warm Carmel Apple Cider Cocktail

We had to throw another apple cider cocktail on the list because you can never have enough in the winter, especially when it’s slathered in whipped cream and caramel. Get the recipe on Real House Moms.


Hot Mulled Wine

Good on weeknights, good on weekends, good with lunch – there’s basically no time in the day that hot mulled wine doesn’t fit in. Get this recipe on Well Plated or share your own on our Facebook page!


Chamomile Hot Toddy

Of course, we had to include this classic. Any tea will work, but a light tea with lemon works best. The light herbal taste of chamomile mixed with your favorite bourbon does sound like it would make a delicious blend! Get the recipe on Honestly Yum, and don’t forget the honey!

There are so many more hot cocktail recipes we could put on this list, but we don’t want to make it too easy for you to curl up inside under a blanket! Get one of these hot drinks started to warm up your hands and get ready for a night out at Howl at the Moon! Need some encouragement? Enter below to win a Happy Hour party for you and all your friends. We’re talking free admission, free food, and free drinks here. Save the Hot Toddy’s for when you really need them.

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