7 Steps to Create Your Own Dance Party

January 29, 2018

What is worse than having no plans on a Friday night? Knowing exactly what you want to do and not being able to convince your friends to join you. If the weekend hits and all you want to do is go out dancing, how do you convince your friends that it’s the best idea? Easy. Trick them. Where there is live music, there is always an opportunity to create your own dance party! Just follow these easy steps.

Party venue

Step 1: Find a live music venue that also have a fantastic selection of drinks.

Step 2: Call all your friends and tell them you’re going out. Mention the booze first.

Step 3: Arrive at the bar and act “surprised” that there’s a live band playing music all night.

Step 4: After the first round of drinks (or buckets, your choice), slowly start introducing the head bob. After all, the music is fun and once you are moving, your friends won’t be able to resist.

Step 5: Find the other friend that’s bobbing along with you and make them your dance partner.

Step 6: Now your other friends will start to be jealous that they are not part of the dance party. Start calling them onto the dance floor. One by one, they will join you.

 Step 7: Dance! You did it! You’ve officially started your very own dance party and all you needed was a bar with live music and a little determination.

Now all you have to do is keep dancing and having a good time! If you’re going to try this sneaky plan, we recommend bringing your dance party to Howl at the Moon, because we make it easy. The live band keeps the dance floor moving and our signature drinks provide that liquid courage if you need it. Of course, you can make it even easier on yourself by entering to win a party below. Then all your friends will have to come.

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