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November 16, 2023

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There is nothing quite like enjoying a night of ice cold beers and an unbelievable show. Howl at the Moon takes this concept and turns it all the way up with a jaw-dropping dueling pianos show and a bar stocked with everyone’s favorite drinks. A wide selection of beer is available at every one of our locations around the nation and you would better believe we have favorites. These top beers always have crowds flocking to Howl!

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Lagunitas IPA

The ultimate in drinkability, Lagunitas IPA is brewed in California and is the perfect blend of crispness and hops. Its moderate 6.2% ABV allows for easy sipping throughout the night and notes of malt sweetness, toffee, citrus, and pine blend together to create a steady harmony. Lagunitas IPA is a great choice when you are craving a beer with a solid body, but does not become too heavy as the night goes on.

Blue Moon Belgian White

Coming in on the lighter side of things is the legendary Blue Moon Belgian White. A witbier with a tremendously smooth taste, Blue Moon Belgian White features crisp carbonation and a wheaty, peppercorn flavor that pairs famously with a slice of orange. Blue Moon Belgian White is an excellent choice when enjoying any of Howl at the Moon’s delicious appetizers and entrees.

Dos Equis Special Lager

When you can’t take a trip south of the border, spending a night with a Dos Equis Special Lager can fill the gap perfectly. This authentic Mexican Cerveza is brewed in the style of a Pilsner Lager and features a distinct combination of maltiness, spice, earthy notes. Dos Equis is best enjoyed in the summertime and on the days when you wish it was still Summer.

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple

Our last pick goes out to all the cider-lovers out there. Not just perfect for the autumn, but nights out in any season is the Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Fresh apple aromas and flavor is present throughout every sip of this hard cider, but a distinct dryness brings on a perfect balance of tart and crisp. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple is the perfect choice to put a twist on any beer drinker’s night.

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All of these incredible brews and plenty of other unbelievable drinks are being poured nightly at Howl at the Moon! We’re the nation’s number one venue for unbelievable nights out and the biggest parties and events of all kinds. We kick things off ever night at Howl with an unbelievable dueling pianos show featuring your favorite hit songs and the crowd’s best requests played on two baby grand pianos — and then we turn the excitement up even further! More musicians are ready to take the stage on guitar, drums and more to create a live music experience like none other! Howl at the Moon has plenty of ways to customize your reservations to include outstanding amenities, delicious catering, and much more. Private events with us can even take control over the show’s start time, setlist, and stage settings. Howl at the Moon makes it easy to get your group howlin’ like never before!

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Howl at the Moon can host amazing birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events and more.

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