Y2K Party

August 8, 2018

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Ahh yes, the year is 1999; you are checking AOL to see if you’ve got mail, waiting for Smash Mouth’s “All Star” to illegally download on Limewire, getting yelled at by your parents because they want to use the phone but you’re connected to the dial up. Life is freaking sweet man!! Until someone chirps you on your Nextel and says, ‘hey the internet is going to shut down in year 2000, the Y2K bug is going to affect the whole world.’ You whip off your trucker hat, stare at your poster of 98 Degrees and think, this can’t be true: “I was supposed to meet Nick Lachey, fall madly in love and get married!”

Well, we guess it is time to live every day like the world is ending tomorrow. Fast forward to today, the world didn’t end and the only digital scare we have is sending the wrong text to someone. Well, we still want to party like the world is ending tomorrow. Join us for our Y2K Dance Party. We are going to be playing the best songs of the 2000’s, serving up some 86 oz. Bye Bye Bye buckets*, and giving away some prizes for the best 00’s themed outfits. Don’t act like you have thrown away those low rise jeans and tattoo chokers. Let’s gear up and get down for the dance party of the year!

*At participating locations

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