10 Beer Facts on National Beer Day

April 7, 2015


On this very day in 1933, prohibition ended. Thank you Franklin D. Roosevelt! Since that magical day, Americans have been able to legally buy, make, and drink beer. There’s a trending #NationalBeerDay hashtag and everything! Let’s face it, nothing is truly official until there’s a hashtag to back it up.

10 Facts on National Beer Day



1. The Budweiser Clydesdale horses became an iconic figure thanks to prohibition ending.CLYDESDALES

August Anheuser Busch, Sr. had the team of Clydesdales team sent by rail from St. Louis to New York City, where it picked up two cases of Budweiser beer at New Jersey’s Newark Airport, and presented it to Al Smith, former governor of New York and an instrumental force in the repeal of Prohibition. From there, the Clydesdales continued on a tour of New England and the Mid-Atlantic States, a journey that included the delivery of a case of beer to President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House. Read more about the story on Budwieser’s website.

2. By working for only 5 minutes, you can afford a beer. 


Using median hourly wages and local beer prices around the world, analysts found out that Americans have to work the least amount of time to cover the cost of a cold brew. The data, revealed in an Economist infographic, indicated that as of 2012, the average worker on earth only had to toil for 20 minutes in order to earn enough money to pay for a beer—which averaged a retail price (at the store, not bars or restaurants) of $1.55 at the time. In the U.S., where wages are much higher, employees must suffer through only five minutes of work before earning enough scratch to cover the cost of a cold one ($1.80). Everybody all together: USA! USA! USA!

3. The Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids under the influence.


According to Patrick McGovern, an archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania, workers at Giza received about four liters of beer a day.

4. You can win your wife’s weight in beer if you work hard enough.


At the Wife Carrying World Championships (yes, this is a real thing), first prize is the wife’s weight in beer.

5. Move over Rob Ford, a beer-chugging goat has been mayor before.


In the 1986, a beer-drinking goat was elected mayor of Lajitas, Texas. In 1996, the 22 year old goat was averaging about 35-40 beers a day. As of May 2011, while the goat no longer drinks beer, the stuffed carcass of the famous Mayor, Clay Henry the goat, is on display over at the Terlingua Trading Post.

6. Some especially great beer is made by monks.


Try as you may, your homebrew probably won’t be quite as tasty as the brews lovingly crafted by the original hipster entrepreneurs, monks. The monks at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Mass., are renowned for brewing Spencer Trappist Ale. Production in the U.S. kicked off in the summer of 2014, and on Beer Advocate, beer enthusiasts give the ale a rating of 90, which is “Outstanding.”

7. IPA’s were invented to have a longer shelf life.


When British brewers tried send their pale ales over to India, the beer would go bad during the long ocean voyage, Beer makers began to add extra alcohol and hops to help with the preservation. This inadvertently created a new style of extra bitter, extra powerful beers called India Pale Ales (IPAs).

8. Beer prevents kidney stones.


beer for health

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that, “beer consumption was inversely associated with risk of kidney stones (in middle aged men) Each bottle of beer consumed per day was estimated to reduce the risk by 40%.”

9. There’s a family resemblance between hops and marijuana. 


Beer and marijuana have more in common than you would think. Beer’s hops are in the same family of flowering plants as marijuana.

10. Deep fried everything- even the beer.

deep fried beer

Only in Texas. In 2010, fried beer won the Most Creative Fried Food at the Texas State Fair. Mark Zable, inventor of the deep fried beer says, “Nobody has been able to fry a liquid before. It tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of beer.” The deep fried beer is served in five ravioli-sized pieces and the Texas Alcoholic Commission has ruled that people must be over age 21 to try it.

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