Cocktail Party Planning

Find the true VIP experience with a cocktail party at Howl at the Moon. Whether you are looking for a laid-back space or are looking to pack out our entire venue, Howl’s customizable space, extraordinary drinks and killer live band create a totally unique atmosphere for an unforgettable night!

Howl at the Moon’s entire venue is always available for a buyout, and every one of our locations’ VIP semi-private spaces are entirely customizable—perfect for throwing the cocktail party you have always dreamed of. Adding decals and branding like piano banners and wall signage lets you own the night and make an impact on your guests, plus keeping your guests entertained through the night is easy with amenities like photo booths, ice luges, candy bars and much more available to set up however you need.

Cocktail party are not complete without a drink in everyone’s hand, and Howl’s signature offerings are the perfect solution. Our custom cocktail stations are the exciting way for everyone to get exactly what they are craving and can even feature an exclusive mix for your party. Howl offers excellent drink packages featuring several liquor and beer selections—and don’t forget about the ultimate party starter, our signature 86 oz. buckets. Gorgeous cocktails get matched by mouthwatering catering and Howl at the Moon always has outstanding appetizer, entree, buffet and dessert options available for any party.

Our live music show can also be made optional for private events. The show can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Beyond even a great space and fantastic drinks and a great space, it’s the entertainment that will send this cocktail party to the Moon! Howl’s legendary bands rock each one of our stages with a setlist featuring tons of hit songs and they even taking requests, too! Howl’s stages are totally volume-controllable and the band is even available to play background music throughout your event. Finishing with a custom song for your guests is the ultimate surprise for an incredible night.

Whatever it takes to get your guests howlin’, Howl at the Moon delivers—guaranteeing an unforgettable cocktail party for you and your guests. Book today your cocktail party today.

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“We had a corporate event at Howl at the Moon and they could not have given us a more wonderful welcome! Super fun evening, good food and great entertainment!”

“Good food, helpful staff, perfect for a corporate event, which we did. Everyone raved!”

“This night couldn’t have gone better. Thank you for helping us with our fundraiser, and the company song! It was the theme song for the rest of the convention!”