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Our table reservations are the best way to guarantee a spot at the live show. To get started, please fill out the information below and our Sales and Event Manager will contact you as soon as possible.


Table Reservations

Each table reservation requires arrival no later than 8pm and includes:

  •  Guaranteed seating for up to 4 guests per table
  •  Cover charge for 4 guests
  • $40 gift card you can use toward your final bill (or save for later use)!


For groups larger than 4 people: It is very common for groups larger than 4 to book multiple tables and we’ll seat them all together for you.  Our rule of thumb is reserving seating for at least half of your group to ensure there is enough standing room around your tables.  Additional guests without reserved seats are also welcome to stand with you at your table(s), they would just need to pay the $10 cover charge at the door.

​For pricing information and to book your table reservation(s) online, please click HERE.  


Complimentary seating is available on a first come, first served basis. This seating fills up EARLY so we offer our paid table reservations as an option if you​ would ​like to buy yourself some time and guarantee you have seating when you arrive.

Reservation Specials


If your group plans to arrive at 9:00pm or later, we suggest our Jump the Line packages so that your group does not have to wait in line!  Each Jump the Line package is $25 per person and includes immediate entry no matter what time you arrive, and cover charge.  These packages do NOT include seating and there is no minimum amount required to book.

For pricing information and to book your Jump the Line package online, please click HERE.



Pricing, Booking Process, Availability & Payment Information:

Reservations are based on availability and we encourage you to book early. When you are ready to book, please click HERE. Although payment is due at the time of booking, you can cancel or reduce your reservation for a full refund no later than Tuesday at 5pm before your event.

No refunds will be given after that time (including after the reservation date) for any reason.


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