10 Brunch Cocktails to Have the Best Weekend Ever

September 28, 2017

Ah, the sun is shining a little more often and the trees are turning green. That means it’s finally time to take your brunch game to the next level and start having some outdoor patio brunches again! Don’t act like you didn’t miss them, we wouldn’t believe you. We know that after a long night of dancing at Howl, the next morning can be a rough one (it’s okay, we’ve been there). So here’s a collection of some of our favorite easy to make brunch cocktail recipes so you can get back to living your weekend.

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10 Best Brunch Cocktail Recipes

Strawberry Lime Moscato Punch


Big batch cocktails like this are perfect to make for your roomies in the morning. They’ll just think you are such a sweet-tart when they wake up to this deliciously perfect combo of tart and sweet to help rid them of those hangovers. Get the drink recipe on Real Housemoms and grab the ingredients on your way home form work.


Ginger Beer Mojito


If you hate Ginger Beer and Mojitos, then you’re living a sad life, my friend. If you like both those things, then congrats because you just found your new favorite drink recipe!


Blackberry-Lime Gin Fizz


Okay, you know it and I know it, there’s something about fruit and fizzy drinks that just scream brunch and though this drink is the perfect compliment to your Eggs Benedict, we’d drink it all the time. Non-stop. Like I need to make a gallon to hide in the fridge at work. It’s great. Save, bookmark, print, or whatever it is that you do to save this drink recipe.


Ruby Red Champagne Punch


YAAASSS! Grapefruit and champagne go together like gravy and biscuits or horses and derby or brunch and this cocktail; whatever, you get what we’re trying to say here. You must try the Ruby Red Champagne Punch – must!


Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis


Don’t these just look fancy? If you have fancy friends, you need to make them this Raspberry Sorbet Bellini drink recipe because it’s delicious, refreshing on a hot day, and will make you want to drink them with one pinky in the air. Also, there are only three ingredients involved and one of them is sorbet – why wouldn’t you make this drink?


Sunrise Mimosa


Now this is just a simple twist on an old brunch cocktail staple, so you need to have it in your recipe arsenal because everyone like fresh twists on classics. Everyone. Plus, they’re just pretty, so they’ll make you look good no matter how burnt your eggs turned out. Get the cocktail recipe on Wine & Glue.


Blueberry Moscow Mule

Speaking of new twists on old classics – aren’t Moscow Mules delicious? Aren’t blueberries also delicious? Yes, they are and that’s why this cocktail recipe twist is genius. Like we’ve already mentioned, there’s nothing like fruit and fizz to make a brunch cocktail and this turns a nighttime favorite into a daytime staple!


Spicy Michelada

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.20.26 PM

If you’re the type who likes a little kick with your hair of the dog, give the Spicy Michelada cocktail a try!


The Bloody Gary


Okay, we all love Bloody Marys, but have you tried Mary’s younger, more hipster brother Gary? The garlic infused vodka and red wine make this a complex cocktail with so many layers of flavor that will definitely wake up your hungover brain. Even if you’re not into the combination, you have to give it a try and make it for your friends to confuse their tastebuds too. Get the Bloody Gary drink recipe on Design Sponge.


Spicy Old Bay Bloody Mary with Rosemary Infused Vodka


Of course, we couldn’t get away with make a brunch cocktails list without adding at least one classic Bloody Mary to the list and this one is as close as it comes without being boring! The rosemary infused vodka really gives it something you won’t find at your standard brunch place.

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