5 Cocktails to Cool Down Your Spring Fever

Spring is finally in the air, and the desire for patio sipping and beach tripping came with it. We may not be ready for bikini bumming just yet, but nothing will stop us from enjoying the weather with a refreshing cocktail in hand. And the best part about spring cocktails? Getting to utilize fresh produce and herbs to remind us that the world is alive again! Be sure to try these cocktails that will get you and your friends singing the sweet songs of springtime.

Spring Fever is Here and We’re Burning Up for These Cocktails!

1. Peach Basil Mule


Ahhh… The Moscow Mule. One classic cocktail that never fails to remind us of a beautiful spring day. And what’s better than a Moscow Mule? A Moscow Mule with fresh basil and peach vodka. Grab your copper cups and get ready to enjoy this Moscow mule variation!


2. Moscato Strawberry Lemonade


This sure isn’t your Grandma’s lemonade! Invite some friends over to split a pitcher (or four, we don’t judge) of this refreshing spring cocktail. Easy-to-make equals less time til’ we drink with this simple, yet scrumptious boozy lemonade recipe.


3. Mango Jalapeño Margaritas


Nothing says springtime like some fresh mangos in your cocktail. This sweet-n-spicy margarita is sure to help you keep your cool with a nice kick! Get the recipe at How Sweet Eats!


4. Cucumber-Rosemary Gin and Tonic


Gin and Tonics are a spring weather staple, but they can definitely get boring after a while. Cucumber and rosemary make this G&T so refreshing you won’t realize how quickly your glass is empty.


5. Strawberry Pomegranate Mojito


There’s something about a mojito that makes you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere getting fanned by palm leaves. This spring cocktail gets freshened up by some ripe strawberries and pom juice. Enjoy this tantalizing take on the classic mojito.


Getting sick of making all of your own cocktails? Come on over to Howl at the Moon and we’ll make you delicious drinks all night. You can even fill out a Happy Hour party form below for the chance to win a party with even more drinks that you don’t have to make!

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