5 Must-Have Summer Cocktail Recipes

June 5, 2015

With National Pina Colada Day coming on June 6th, we remembered that summer cocktails are freaking delicious! Who doesn’t love having an icy margarita or fruity Pina Colada on those 80 degree days? So to make your life (and ours) a whole lot more delicious, we’ve pulled together a collection of must-make summer cocktail recipes that are necessary to having the best summer! Check them out below and let us know if we missed any!

5 Summer Staple Cocktail Recipes

Classic Pina Colada Drink Recipe


Since National Pina Colada Day is upon us, we obviously had to start with that. If you’re not having at least one Pina Colada during the summer season, you’re doing summer wrong! Now you have no excuse with this super simple cocktail recipe that you can pin, bookmark, or even print if you’re nuts. Classic not your thing? Then you have to try these Pina Colada Jello Shots!


Tequila Sunrise Margarita


If you don’t know how to make a classic Tequila Sunrise, you can find that recipe here, but doesn’t a Tequila Sunrise Margarita sound so much better? Salt and limes make everything better when it’s 90 degrees out with 1000% humidity, amirite? So grab the margarita recipe and get to drinkin’! Or if you prefer fruity drinks for breakfast, try the Tequila Sunrise Mimosa too.


Blue Hawaii


Colorful, fruity drinks are a rite of passage into summer, so get your hands on this blue cocktail and put on your flip flops. The Blue Hawaii cocktail is delicious, refreshing, and fancy-looking. It’s a win-win, obviously.



Coconut Rum Punch


If you’re not drinking coconut and rum and pretending like you’re vacationing on an island paradise, we don’t know what you’re doing with your summer. Make this Coconut Rum Punch for all your guests on a hot summer weekend, throw on the calypso music, and sit back. This drink will take make you feel like your in a hammock under a palm tree in the sand.


Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe


Oh, of course we were going to throw this one in here. It’s a Sex on the Beach cocktail recipe, enough said. Drink it. Love it. Drink it some more. It’s delicious.


Of course, there’s always options number 6 and that’s to come into your local Howl at the Moon and order one of our deliciously fruity and professionally crafted cocktails! If you fill out the form below to enter to win a Happy Hour party you can even share those cocktails with all of your friends. See you soon!

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