9 Best Reasons to Live in Denver

June 26, 2023

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We know we probably do not need to give you a ton of reasons on why living in Denver is awesome, so we will keep it short and sweet. Since we have been in Denver, we have definitely collected a few favorite spots and tidbits that we want to share with anyone thinking of moving to Denver or visiting the Mile High city. Of course, this list is by no means all-inclusive. There are a 100 more things we could add, but why bore you? Go out and explore it for yourself!

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1. Nature

This should be “nuff said”, but let’s illustrate it for you a little bit. Due to the high altitude and climate, you will see some of the bluest skies and colorful sunsets you have ever seen. The climate also helps give you the best views of starry nights, a mere 20 minute drive outside of the city. Also just a short drive away? Mountains. Lots of mountains. Hiking, skiing, biking and more are easy to do any time, which also means plenty of weekend getaways.

2. The Smiles

Maybe it’s the active lifestyle, the accessibility to nature, the low oxygen levels, or the herbs, but Denver is notably a happy city. The residents love living here and enjoy the 300 days a year on average that we have sunshine (yea, you read that right).

3. High Employment Rates and a Growing Tech and Start-up Culture

You want a job in one of the biggest fields right now? You can find it here. It is also easy to leave work at work, because people in Denver like to take time to appreciate other things in life that make them happy.

4. The Neighborhoods

From shopping to eating to drinking, the different neighborhoods in Denver can give you what you are looking for. Do you want to spend the day shopping? Head over to Cherry Creek. Looking to try some delicious dishes? Head over to Restaurant Row in Uptown. There is plenty to do and see within Denver. You will never be bored.

5. Cowboy in a Big City

Let’s face it, Denver may be on the liberal side, but this is still the west. You can still shop for cowboy shirts and boots and catch someone gussing up their prize cow with a hair dryer. If you are looking for a town that still likes to take a break from that big city livin’ every once in a while, Denver is it, darlin’.

6. Live Music Outdoors

From the RockyGrass Music Festival to concerts at Red Rock Amphitheater, there is nothing like experiencing a concert in Denver.

7. Sports

We have our own channel dedicated to Denver sports and a professional league for all 4 major sports. You can call us sports fans, it’s ok. Unlike some other big sports towns because we are so happy, you will never see you brawling in the streets or at a bar over the latest game.

8. Beer

It is no secret Denver has a massive collection of breweries and microbreweries. Dare we call Denver the brewery mecca? I think we dare. If you’re a beer lover, you will be right at home in Denver. If the sheer number of beers isn’t enough reason to live in Denver, we don’t know what is.

9. Howl at the Moon

Easy to find in Denver’s downtown district, we could not be happier to call Denver home – literally because everyone here is so happy. Since we opened up our doors in Denver in 2012, we have been charmed by the city.

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