Adult Birthday Party Theme Ideas

September 7, 2019

Because you are not a kid anymore, doesn’t mean that you can’t still have balloons and cake on your birthday! It should always be a celebration. You have survived another year, that should be reason enough to celebrate. If you have done the same thing for your birthday year after year or if you are out of ideas for this year’s big bash, don’t worry. We have pulled together some ideas for easy and fun adult birthday parties. Try one of these birthday party ideas for a guaranteed day to remember!

Mustache Bash

Guys and gals alike will have fun sporting a fake (or real!) mustache all night. This is a great birthday party idea if you love taking photos, because who doesn’t want their photo taken while wearing a hilarious mustache? It make for the perfect Facebook profile pic. The Mustache Bash birthday party is an easy one to pull off; all you need is a place, some drinks, and a bunch of fake mustaches. You can even make it hands on with some felt, scissors, and double stick tape to have your guest make their own ‘stache. No matter what, this birthday party will make all your others seem boring. Make sure to keep your whiskers out of your drink!


Aren’t you always looking for an excuse to get dressed up? This is the best excuse! Get all your friends together to play dress up, eat, and drink in your honor. Nothing will make you feel more special than rolling into your favorite club with a very handsome group. Plus it’s the easiest type of party to plan and set up. You can book a table at Howl at the Moon, invite all your friend, and tell them to dress up. That’s it! It couldn’t be simpler. Besides, if you book your table with us, we might even play Iggy Azalea’s Fancy for you ;).


This is another easy one to set up and host. Like the fancy party, book your table, invite your friends, and bring some masks! Sure, you will probably still be able to tell who’s who, but it’s the idea of mystery that makes it fun. Plus, once you put on that mask and add in a little liquid courage, maybe you will finally have the guts to hop on stage and sing with our musicians!

Era Themed

Pick your decade! It doesn’t matter what years from the past you love, pick a decade and watch your friends try to find the perfect outfit. Seeing what your friends come up with can be the best (and most hilarious) part! Dressing up in a big group always makes for a great time and a ton of people will ask you what you are dressed up for. Once you tell them that it’s your birthday, you might get some free birthday drinks out of it – it’s a win-win!

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