Boozy Brunch Cocktails

Brunch is the most important meal of the day. Our parents have been telling us that since we were kids. Or did they say breakfast? On second thought, they definitely said brunch. Brunch has become as much of a tradition as getting drunk at a major league baseball game, or your nephew’s Tee-ball game, whichever really.  There’s really nothing like the “I’m probably still drunk from last night” Bloody Mary at your favorite brunch spot, although the morning after you throw a party “OJ and High Life is pretty much a mimosa, right?” comes in a close second. Any weekend warrior is also brunch royalty, and of course brunch royalty can throw back a cocktail or six before they go to the eye doctor. So next time you’re in panic mode because you decided to host brunch for your friends, but also decided to drink enough the night before that you’re still looking for your pants, try throwing together some of these amazing brunch cocktails.

Top 10 Brunch Cocktail Recipes

Blood Orange Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are the easiest of the classic brunch cocktails. Have OJ? Have vodka? BOOM! Now you’re morning tipsy. But one way to up the class in this classic is to add some blood orange juice and let the good times roll. Try out this blood orange screwdriver next time you’re feeling just a tiny bit ambitious.


Bloody Mary

If there is one rule I will always abide by, it’s that there is no hangover that a water, a Bloody Mary, and a cup of coffee can’t fix. Even when you wake up feeling the need to wear sunglasses while you’re still in bed and your first step outside makes you melt like the Wicked Witch of the West does at a pool party, this Bloody Mary recipe will revitalize you. Besides, when has a cocktail that is pretty much a meal steered you wrong?


Blackberry Mint Julep


Nothing makes for a perfectly refreshing brunch cocktail more than fresh berries and mint. This upgrade to a typical mint julep will have everyone asking for fourths. So when you’re hosting brunch and your friend that dresses for brunch like she’s going to the Kentucky Derby arrives, you’ll be sure to impress her with this blackberry mint julep.


‘Just Peachy’ Peach Bellinis

Sipping on a frozen cocktail while sitting on a patio is pure bliss, especially when that cocktail utilizes fresh peaches and chilled sparkling wine. You won’t have a problem with these babies melting too quick after you take your first sip of this peach bellini.


Sparkling White Peach Sangria

Let’s keep this peach train chugging along like you’re going to want to chug this peachy cocktail. Fresh white peaches and peach brandy will have your guests screaming for another pitcher, or maybe just top yourself off again. Who said pitchers have to be shared anyway? Give this white peach sangria a whirl this weekend.


Mandarin Mimosas

One mimosa please, with just a splash of OJ! Mimosas are amazing brunch cocktails because let’s be real, some bubbly makes for a bubbly afternoon. A couple mimosas can make you feel like a million bucks, even if that’s how much you spent at the bar last night. These mandarin mimosas will have you never going back to a straight champagne & OJ cocktail again.


Frozen Irish Coffee

If there’s one cocktail that will be sure to put a spring (or jig) in your step, it’s an Irish Coffee. Being of Irish heritage myself, I’ve always found a little Jameson in anything can make you feel better (especially if you are sick, I’m looking at you Hot Toddys). This Frozen Irish Coffee combines three of the best things: coffee, ice cream, and booze. Need I say more?


Blackberry-Bourbon Iced Tea

Let’s keep the caffeinated alcoholic drinks coming! Cocktails that come in pitchers are always perfect for brunch, because who wants to alert the world every time they go back for a refill? This blackberry bourbon iced tea is perfect for some sunshine sipping.


Raspberry Fromo (Frozen Mimosa)

As delicious as mimosas are, they can always be livened up a little! Taking the classic mimosa and adding raspberry sorbet and ice births the ultimately delicious, fromo. Serve this cocktail at your next brunch gathering and your friends will be saying Fromo Arigatō, Mr. Roboto.


Orange Wheat Shandy

I don’t know why, but brunch has never celebrated the beer lovers enough. We like getting drunk at an early hour too, ya know! This orange wheat shandy recipe gives beer drinkers the best of both worlds: a drink that is easily consumed after a night on the town, and what else, BEER!

After you’ve brunched so hard you don’t want to think about a morning cocktail again, come by Howl at the Moon and we’ll serve you up a nighttime fix! Fill out the form below for your chance to have even more cocktails made for you.

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