Presentation Venue

Host an award ceremony unlike any your team has seen before! Howl at the Moon is the most exciting venue when it comes to customizing and hosting unique celebrations of all kinds, with tons of space to party in, outstanding food and drink, awesome amenities and the best live music show in all of Chicago. It is time to get your party howlin’.

Our live music show can also be made optional for private events. The show can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Howl Chicago has room for up to 400 guests to have a blast throughout the entire night, with semi-private space and table reservations available for all parties! Customizing your space makes each award feel even more special than the last, and custom piano banners, on-screen UPshow graphics and blacklight boards are great for setting the stage. Plus, amenities like Howl’s audio visual equipment, photo booths and cocktail stations create the perfect atmosphere for an outstanding ceremony.

Fill your space further by getting Howl at the Moon’s drinks into everybody’s hands! Incredible for getting your entire team into their best spirits, everything from a great beer and craft cocktail selection to the wildest shots and bombs in Chicago are up for grabs. Plus, our signature 86 oz. come in amazing flavors—the best way to share in some fun. You can even add drink packages or appetizer, entree, dessert or buffet-style catering to your award ceremony as the ultimate crowd-pleasing move.

Make sure the night ends in the most exciting fashion possible—with Howl at the Moon’s band rocking the stage! Our musicians play an electrifying set, featuring hit songs from all genres and plenty of requests from the honored guests too! Private award ceremonies have total control of the show, with custom start times, setlists, lights and levels and background music all available. A custom song for all of your award recipients is even available to seal in the most memorable celebration—and a howlin’ award ceremony at Howl at the Moon.

Howl at the Moon loves hosting birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, anniversary parties, holiday parties and more. Book your party today.


“We had a corporate event at Howl at the Moon and they could not have given us a more wonderful welcome! Super fun evening, good food and great entertainment!”

“Good food, helpful staff, perfect for a corporate event, which we did. Everyone raved!”

“Lots of fun! Great drinks, entertainment and memories.”