Cinco de Mayo Celebration

May 2, 2013

A Guide to Cinco de Mayo

As most of you have heard, Howl at the Moon is inviting you to come celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us at our Drinko de Mayo party! We will have specials on traditional Cinco de Mayo drinks including margaritas and Corona. So you know where you’re going to go, you know what you’re going to drink, but let’s dig a little bit deeper into the why’s and how’s of Cinco de Mayo in order to make this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration the best one yet!


Cinco de Mayo is a day of celebration of Mexican culture around the world. It is a day for Mexicans and people of all cultural backgrounds to take time to celebrate Mexican culture. Many people think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. However, Mexican Independence Day is on September 19th. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5th because on May 5th, 1862, the Mexican Army achieved one of the greatest victories in military history. They had the odds stacked against them in a battle against French forces. The French Army was considered to be the greatest military force in the world, and the French forces greatly outnumbered the Mexicans. However, the Mexican underdogs beat the French Army on Cinco de Mayo, the army’s first defeat in 50 years! The French lost 462 men while the Mexicans only lost 83.  Cinco de Mayo is a day for Mexicans to feel proud of this battle, and proud of their country!


So you are pumped up and ready to celebrate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo. You know that you’ll be headed to Howl at the Moon to celebrate the best way possible, with dueling pianos and margaritas. But perhaps you are like me and you are looking for ways to truly set it off Mexican style on Cinco de Mayo. Here are some ideas:

Make tamales


Tamales are a traditional Latin American dish, and they are especially popular in Mexico. Homemade tamales are especially delicious, and they are surprisingly not too difficult to make. Follow the image for a tamale recipe from!

Wear Green, White, and/or Red


The Mexican flag is green, white, and red. Show your Mexican pride by rocking these colors on Cinco de Mayo!

Wear a Sombrero


Get in the Cinco de Mayo spirit and sport a sombrero, an extremely wide brimmed hat worn especially in Mexico.

Head to Howl at the Moon

Once you’re ready to start the Cinco de Mayo party, head over to Howl at the Moon. Our musicians will be taking requests all night so be sure to request your favorite Mexican jam, throw on your sombrero, grab a margarita, and dance!

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