Cinco de Mayo Party Drinks and Snacks

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Cinco de Mayo is coming up fast and whether you celebrate the holiday or not, we’ve still pulled together a list of perfect-for-summer cocktails and some finger foods that will wow your next batch of party guys. Oh yea, we know exactly what you need for the perfect party.

11 Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes – Cocktails and Appetizers

Let’s start with the drinks, because why wouldn’t we?

Coconut Mojito

How about some refreshing coconut in your mojito? Is your mouth watering yet? Well make sure you pin this recipe from Nutmeg Nanny because we sense a lot of coconut rum mojitos in your future.



Fresh Cherry Mojitos

Sticking with the mojito theme, how about some fresh, succulent cherry mojitos? If you make these for a Cinco de Mayo gathering and your friends are not impressed, it’s time to find new friends. Grab the cherry mojito drink recipe and try them out this weekend!



Frosty Bulldog Margarita

This one is for all you beer lovers out there. There’s nothing like getting served up a frosty margarita with a beer flipped inside of it too! It’s like twice the fun in one drink. So go grab this beer margarita drink recipe and enjoy!



Passion Fruit Margarita with Jalapeno Tequila 

If you like your margarita recipes with a little kick, this passion fruit marg is for you! (And me, and everyone you know, let’s be honest.) The spicy sweet combination has nothing on your favorite spicy bloody mary. Grab this drink recipe over at Just Us Four and have a great weekend or summer or life. Whatever.



Thai-Inspired Basil Margarita with Spicy Thai Bitters

Can you tell we like spicy margaritas? If Thai food and Mexican food are your go-tos for eating out, then you might have just found your new favorite drink. This margarita recipe is unlike anything you’ve ever had, we swear.



Fresh Pineapple Margaritas

I think we already learned with the cherries above that fresh fruit margaritas are the best. Still don’t believe us? Then grab this margarita recipe from Gimme Some Oven and make them tonight so we can prove you wrong. Unless you’re allergic to pineapple, then don’t do this. Stick with the cherry.



Las Palomas

This laid back drink is just what you need on any warm day. Keeping it simple with tequila, lime juice, grapefruit soda, and salt, this drink is just perfection.



Snacks and Party Tricks

Now you’re all set with your cocktail menu, time to beef up that appetizer menu!

Lime Tequila shots and Strawberry Margarita Shots

For those guests who are just not the cocktail sipping type, try serving up your tequila shots right in the lime or mixing up some strawberry margarita jello shots that sit right in the strawberry. Delicious and saves you from washing a bunch of shot glasses.

Margarita Shots 9 strawberry-margarita-jello-shots-15-1367824996


Queso Blanco Dip

You can’t have any kind of celebration without a great dip and this is a great dip. Get the quick recipe over at Color Me Meg.



Churro Cupcakes

Churro cupcakes! Save this recipe, save this recipe now!


Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas

Okay, you already know that strawberry cheesecake is delicious and you know that chimichangas are delicious, so doesn’t this just make perfect sense? We’ll take fried dough filled with anything, but this recipe is definitely spot on.



There you go! Didn’t we say we’d make it easy for you? So get your party ideas together and then enter to win a Happy Hour party at Howl at the Moon below so that you can have an amazing excuse to kick everyone out of your house at a reasonable hour. You said it, not us.