10 Reasons to Choose Howl at the Moon as Your Holiday Party Venue

August 15, 2023

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What makes Howl at the Moon the best Holiday Party Venue in the Country?

World Famous Live Music Show

Howl at the Moon has an amazing show ready for your company holiday party this year. Our live music show is a unique and interactive entertainment experience. Behind our pianos, you will find an extremely talented roster of professional entertainers. The show typically starts off with two piano players on stage and progressively builds into a full rock n’ roll  band. Our players can cover anything, from classic rock to today’s hits. Whether you want to rock out to the Eagles or dance it up to Katy Perry’s latest hit, we have you covered.

Our live music show can also be made optional for private events. The show can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Awesome Entertainment

So you get it; our talented musicians are all trained, professional musicians who can rock out to any song at the drop of a dime. But wait, that is only half of the fun! Our players are not only musicians; they are entertainers. The players will not only have your office holiday party singing and dancing, they will also be laughing. Our players are hilarious keeping a light-hearted mood the entire evening, exchanging comedy bits between songs and even in the songs themselves! We’d be more than happy to roast your boss on stage!

Mouthwatering Cocktails

Our boozy mixologists have traveled far and wide to collect the world’s best ingredients in order to provide your company holiday party with the most delicious mixed drinks and cocktails you and your coworkers have ever tasted! We’ve got something for everyone: specialty cocktails with flavors ranging from sweet to smoky, domestic and craft beers for the beer drinkers, and of course our delicious 86 oz. Buckets of Booze and more.

Specialized Cocktails

Howl at the Moon can provide your holiday party with customized cocktails! Our creative bartending staff will create delicious original drinks for your company holiday party!

Holiday party venue

Delicious Food

Howl is proud to work with the best caterers in the country to provide you with customized food packages for all sizes. Catering ranges from passed hors d’oeuvres to fully catered buffets.

No Party Too Small

Howl at the Moon is the perfect holiday party venue for parties of all sizes! Whether you need reserved seating for a company holiday party of 10 or to buyout the entire venue, Howl has got it covered.

Charming Staff

Our charming service staff is happy to provide your corporate holiday party with fast and friendly service. Our bartenders are friendly and are happy to mix your guests drinks quickly with a huge smile. Our service staff also has plenty of talent to show; you might find your server rocking out on stage between drinks!

Get Social

Howl at the Moon is the perfect corporate holiday party venue because it will give your coworker the chance to socialize. During a company holiday party at Howl you can find coworkers dancing together to old hits or hanging back by the tables sharing conversation over a drink. There are no wallflowers, there is something for everyone!

Inspire Camaraderie

Nothing inspires camaraderie like holiday singalongs! Not only will your coworkers have the chance to singalong to their favorite hits with their coworkers, but they will also have the chance to take in a customized company carol!


We can customize your party the way you want it. Want light, background music? We can do that. Need to have catering? We can do that as well. Party your way when you come to Howl at the Moon.

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