History of Howl at the Moon

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Howl at the Moon is a highly successful dueling piano concept that has grown dramatically since its inception in 1990. By providing its customers with an outstanding entertainment experience reminiscent of the best of New Orleans, Howl at the Moon has attracted a diverse and loyal following in every market that it has entered.

The focal point of the nightclub is a stage featuring a pair of baby grand pianos. The piano players are the ringmasters responsible for creating the excitement that characterizes a night at Howl at the Moon. These piano players are hand picked from the finest regional talent and are thoroughly trained to continually thrill and entertain the audience. Howl at the Moon strives to keep their shows fresh with a mainstream and recognizable format that allows their typical customer to sing-along with 90% of the songs.

The first Howl at the Moon opened in 1990 and was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was an immediate hit, and led to a rapid expansion. Cleveland, Orlando and Columbus were soon to follow. National retail and entertainment zone developers that have recognized Howl’s value for capturing foot traffic and complimenting other retail and entertainment facilities are now pursuing the Howl at the Moon brand. There are several Howl at the Moon locations nationwide and Howl at the Moon is constantly pursuing new locations.

Director of Development

Brian Sweeney

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Marie Cordova

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National Entertainment Director

Dean Laber

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Christin Bartlett Cimini

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30 W. Hubbard St., Suite 200
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