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“Just work hard and be nice to people.”
-Michael Franti “Work Hard & Be Nice”

Christin Bartlett Cimini, Orlando Sales and Events Manager
Email: orlandosales@howlatthemoon.com
Hometown: Royal Palm Beach, FL
First employed at Howl at the Moon Orlando in 2006

Q. What do you love most about working at Howl at the Moon?
A. I love live music and I enjoy being able to listen to our band every event I host.

Q. What does life outside of Howl at the Moon look like?
A. I love concerts, traveling and morning snuggles with my dogs.

Q. Share a Fun Fact about yourself!
A. From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in the hospitality industry. My first love was working in country clubs. Working at the Breaker’s in Palm Beach was when I really understood my calling. I attended and graduated from University of Central Florida with a Business Degree specializing in Hospitality Management. While in college, I went to Howl at the Moon every weekend when it was located downtown. It was always our first stop and last stop of the night. When a position opened up after college once Howl at the Moon relocated to International Drive, I knew that I had to take it. I have been at Howl ever since and truly love the close family that it has become.

What is your go-to song request at Howl at the Moon?
A. I have many songs that are “my favorite” to request while I am at Howl at the Moon. “Jack & Diane”, “Son of a Preacher Man”, “Meet Virginia” and “The Weight” have to be the ones that come to me first. I always like to throw in some old school rap though, just to see it played on the piano. It really brightens my spirits.

Q. What is your favorite animal?
A. My favorite animal is definitely a dog. I have 4 rescued dogs now and I realized that is my limit. Thank goodness I have a huge backyard for them to play in. Paying for them to go to the Canine Country Club while on vacation is when I realized that 4 was my max. I am told that I am not allowed to visit shelters at this point in my life.

Q. What was your favorite vacation?
A. My favorite vacation has to include a tropical location. It is funny when people from up north ask where does someone from Florida go for vacation and I answer “anywhere tropical”, I do get strange looks. I love Hawaii, the Caribbean, the French Riviera, Spain and Italy as my favorites! Even when we traveled to Europe, we made sure that we included the Mediterranean, so that I could enjoy the coastline. It did help that we were on a cruise ship for two of our European vacations.

Q. Who is your favorite band?
A. I love going to music celebrations. We have gone on the Rock Boat Cruise, Sail Across the Sun Cruise and Zac Brown Celebration in Mexico to name a few. It is so nice to enjoy a tropical vacation with your favorite music bands! My favorite bands from these have been Barenaked Ladies, Sister Hazel, Train, Zac Brown and Michael Franti & Spearhead.

Q. What is your favorite hobby?
A. My favorite hobby is scuba diving! I love the feeling of being so far down in the ocean and seeing creatures and fish that I have never seen before. My best scuba diving experiences has been in Oahu and Kona, both in Hawaii. With over 60 dives, I still haven’t seen any sharks yet, but I have seen many eels, octopus, sea turtles, dolphins, lobster and plenty of fish. Sharks are on my list to see, but at a distance!

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