Dance Gifs for the Weekend

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Dance Gifs To Feed Your Saturday Night Fever

It’s Saturday night, get ready to dance! Howl at the Moon brings you 24 dance gifs to help you get your Saturday night dance party on! Master your moves and come out to Howl at the Moon for the best Saturday night dance party at Howl at the Moon! (Yes I know I said it twice, it’s a dueling piano bar guys)

Headbang with a bear

san antonio bars

Shake it in Amy Poehler’s Face

orlando nightlife

Geek out like this 80’s computer kid

orlando bars


nightlife baltimore

Probably leave the kids at home….

louisville nightlife

Unless they’re these kids

louisville bars

Obama herpy derp dance

kansas city bars

Bring it around town

kansas city nightlife

But try to stay on your feet

indianapolis nightlife

Cuz no one with a frontwards facing cap is cool

indianapolis bars

Be the freshest pony on the farm

housto -bars


hollywood nightlife

Ha… remember Flubber?

hollywood bars

Get down with a random stranger

denver nightlife

Please bring your zebras this weekend. Please.

denver bars

Take My Breath Away

chicago nightlife

It’s against the rules to have a collection dance gifs without Beyonce

san antonio clubs

Keep it fresh!

charlotte nightlife

It’s what all the kids are doin!

charlotte bars

Trippy dog bro

san antonio nightlife

When you leave your room ghosts come out and dance in it

boston bars

Two dancing bear gifs FTW

boston nightlife

99 Red Balloons!

baltimore bars

dueling piano bar