Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

September 8, 2023

Enter to Win

As you know, Halloween is coming up fast. We wanted to take a minute to talk about one of our favorite parts of Halloween: the costumes! With costume contests occurring at our participating venues, we thought it would be nice of us (since we are so generous) to give you some quick and easy costume ideas.  We have you covered with these easy, DIY costume ideas.

DIY Costume Ideas for Adults

You  do not need to be particularly crafty or even creative to put some of these ideas together. When it’s the night before Halloween and you’re scrambling to figure out what to wear, you will thank us (images provided are not credited to Howl at the Moon).

Ceiling Fan – all it takes is a t-shirt and a pair of pom-poms and you are the ceiling’s number 1 fan!



Medusa – Head over to the dollar store to pick up some of those rubber snakes, throw on your most grecian inspired dress, and you are good to go!



Security guard/secret agent – All it takes is a black suit, sunglasses, and an earpiece. Now you’re security for a swanky club or a not-so-secret agent



Mummy – Have a stash of old bed sheets? Great! Cut them up, wrap them around, and you’ve got the most mysterious costume around.



Silent Movie Film Star – Black clothes, white make-up, and you don’t have to talk to anyone you don’t want to all night! This is definitely a winner.



Little Red Riding Hood – You’ll need to pick up a hood for this one at the costume store, but everything else is probably sitting in your closet right now.



Minnie Mouse – Polka dot skirt, check. Black shirt, check. Minnie Mouse ears, check. Easiest costume ever.



Bag of Jelly Beans – If you try to pull this one off, make sure you carry around an actual bag of jelly beans to give you to people. Otherwise, you risk people trying to pop your balloons. People love candy, don’t forget that.



Flapper – Classic and simple to pull off, the Flapper costume is definitely still a great last minute choice. Beware though! You won’t be the only flapper in the room.



The Solar System – Galaxy print was so popular last year, that it should be easy to find something in the thrift store. Then just attach some foam planets to yourself and, BOOM, you’re the universe. Epic.



Minions – Yellow shirt, yellow tights, yellow hat, and a jean jumper will turn you into a minion so quick, you won’t even know what hit you.



Kiss – Looking for a group costume? Kiss is always an appropriate group costume. Be Kiss.



Fresh Prince and Carlton – All you need to do is hit up a thrift store to pull off this Halloween costume. Nothing couls be easier than this costume DIY.



Brawny Guy – If you’ve got the scruff, make it work for you.


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