6 Types of Costumes You See on Halloween

September 12, 2023

Enter to Win

As you know, we throw a helluva good time Halloween party at all our locations every year. Each year we also hold a costume contest, because, you know, they are fun and we love seeing how everyone dressed up! So we think we have definitely seen a lot that Halloween costumes have to offer and the costumes always fall into a few different categories.

Halloween party
DIY Halloween Costumes

This is, of course, the biggest category because what is more fun than picking stuff out of your closet and turning yourself into a make-shift vampire? Nothing, duh. So anytime you want to paint a box and be a photo booth or a Barbie doll or whatever is fine by us! The more creative, the more impressed we’ll be.


Funny/ Punny Halloween Costumes

Because puns are funny. Need I say more? We always love the classic “Oh Deer!” and “Holy Cow!” combo, but the English Language is full of great ideas for Halloween costumes! Like this elaborate and amazing Taco Belle costume! There are literally hundreds of options. Is your name Kevin? Wear a bacon costume and you’re instantly Kevin Bacon! Do you have a trash bag and a printer? Print out pictures of Eminem and glue them to your bag/dress to be a Bag of Eminens! We will think it’s hilarious, your friends will think it’s hilarious – it’s really a win-win.


Revealing Halloween Costumes

Okay, we get it. You want to look cute on Halloween too, even though you look cute all the time. So basically anything you can turn a mini-dress into is fair game for a costume. Crayon? Essie nail polish? Solo cup? Basically, any inanimate object that is a solid color. Super cute, super easy and you can even make it yourself!



Couple Halloween Costumes

If you are going out for Halloween with your significant other, you might as well go out in a couple costume! Because then you are like this Halloween team and it’s great. Plus, this leaves you open to being classic power couples like Batman and Catwoman or funny pairings like lightning strike!



Group Halloween Costumes

See above. Group Halloween costumes are awesome for a couple of reasons:

  • You own the crowd. Everyone will know that you’re a part of the same group.
  • You won’t lose your friends, because everyone will be able to point you in their direction!



Celebrity Halloween Costume

Well, duh. Who doesn’t want to be Beyonce for a day? Halloween is the closet thing that will bring you to being Queen Bey or whoever it is that you admire, so you might as well take advantage! Make sure to work on your best celeb pose beforehand and learn how to handle the paparazzi!


So if you are coming to our Halloween party this year, see how many you can spot or let us know which one of these themes you will be! We will have drinks, live music, costume contests and so much more. Of course, if you cannot make it we love dressing up all year long.

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