Holiday RumChata Cocktail Roundup

October 27, 2023

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You have seen it taking over bars and specialty cocktail lists over the past year: RumChata, the creamy rum liquor that is delicious alone or mixed. Now it is even taking over the holidays! If you thought your go-to holiday alcohol was Baileys, you might change your mind after trying one of these holiday themed cocktails.

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French Toast Martini

Do we need to convince you? This cocktail mixes equal parts vodka, Fireball and RumChata for a desert martini that is out of this world! Save this martini recipe and impress your holiday party guests.

Hot Buttered RumChata

There is nothing better at chasing away the winter blues than something hot and buttered. Especially when you add in the creamy spice of RumChata! Try this festive cocktail at your next book club meeting or knitting club or Wednesday night. Whatever, you do you.

Chocolate Marshmallow RumChata Drink

Chocolate and marshmallows are a winning combination whether it is in hot chocolate or s’mores, so this sweet RumChata cocktail is a no brainer! Seriously, is there anything that isn’t good with heavy cream?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

If you love the cereal, you love the cocktail. This sweet and spicy cocktail will trick you into thinking that you can drink a gallon. Don’t do it. Don’t drink a gallon, but yes, have a couple. Here’s the recipe!

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