Nicole Crowe, Indianapolis Sales and Events Manager

I am an Indy transplant from about 4.5 ago years following a sales job offer, and originally a native of a small beach town called Grand Haven, Michigan. I attended Michigan State University (GO GREEN); earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications. Growing up at the feet of my mom and dad in the kitchen, I found a love for cooking and mastering my own culinary creations right at home. My Instagram tells it all. This naturally lead me to end up in the hospitality business; from my first job selling ice cream, and even working a deep fryer and a flat top grill at the age of 15, to waitressing in bars and restaurants all through college. Upon living in Indy, I have juggled multiple jobs at once for the last 3 years doing marketing and promotions for a local radio cluster, freelanced as an event planner for small local businesses and dabbled as your occasional on-air traffic reporter for the city of Indianapolis. Then I found Howl, and I couldn’t be happier to be apart of such an awesome team!

Q. What is your favorite hobby?
A. Horseback riding! I don’t think there is a better feeling than being able to let your horse loose in an open field on a nice fall day. I have been riding since I was 7, so when I can find the time to get in the saddle and find that stress free zone that right there is my happy place!

Q. What is your favorite animal?
A. I can’t choose one! I’ve had German Shepherds growing up all my life and will never not have one. I have two fur children, Kayne a big fluff of love who is a German Shepherd and Oscar a 20 lb. Maine Coon who causes more trouble than any cat I’ve ever had BUT I love him!

Q. What was your favorite vacation?
A. When me and a group of 20 of my craziest friends (this should NOT have been allowed) went to the Bahamas for our senior college spring break. I am just glad we all made it back alive; for real though.

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