It’s Pi Day so you should probably drink this.

March 13, 2015



Do you really need an excuse to have a drink on a Friday? Didn’t think so. But if you do, may we suggest pouring this down your gullet on National Pi Day (yes, it’s really a thing). Apple Pie on the Rocks is a tantalizing bodyslam to your tastebuds that we are pretty sure you’re going to want a bathe in. Special shout out to Jackie of Began Yack Attack for this amazing recipe!

Apple Pie on the Rocks
Author: Jackie of Vegan Yack Attack
Recipe type: Drink, Beverage

 Serves: 1
  • 1 oz. Vanilla Vodka
  • 1 oz. Fireball Whiskey
  • 4 oz. Organic Apple Juice
  • Pinch of Ground Cinnamon
  • Brown Sugar for the rim (Grind a little finer for more successful sugaring)
  • Optional: Cinnamon Stick for Garnish
  • Ice
  1. Wet the rim of your rocks glass just a little, and gently sugar the rim with the brown sugar.
  2. In a martini shaker, pour the vodka, Fireball, apple juice and ground cinnamon together with a handful of ice cubes.
  3. Shake 10 times and pour the contents into the glass without wiping off the sugar rim.
  4. Serve chilled and with a cinnamon stick, for garnish.
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