The Divorce Party Bible: 10 Commandments for Living Your Best Single Life

August 20, 2021

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It may take two to tango, but it only takes one to break away from the old chain, slip on your favorite dancing shoes, and howl your way into a new era of freedom under the mirror ball. We can all relate to a bad break up. Days of solitude, submerging ourselves in work or a new hobby, makeovers (some of us with the classic cut-and-color notion that you just have to follow sometimes…guilty party of 1!), and then you get the much-needed pep talk from your best friends: it is time to hit the town.

Live music bar

It’s Friday night. Your core group of friends are over, and you just borrowed Jessica’s lucky clubbin’ dress. Makeup is on point, and then you hear the famous Shania Twain lyrics to two-step yourself out the door and into a night of laughs and live entertainment: “Let’s go girls!”

On your Lyft ride to the party central, the crew is making the casual pulse checks of “what’s the vibe” and “where are we going?” Before your ears, a must-have checklist formulates:
1. Dancefloor. Check!
2. Great music. Check!
3. Best party drinks for the best price. Check plus!
Beams from the night sky hit you like a lunar lightbulb, and suddenly you shout at the top of your lungs the one needed stop of the night: Howl at the Moon!

Your crew of besties understand the three core essentials for your night out on the town, but we have the inside tricks of the trade to introduce the new, unrestricted you. Below is our gift to you: the last of the 10 Commandments for Living Your Best Single Life.

4. Line up your song requests
The wise movin’ on Queen, Lizzo, popularly stated a relatable adage; “Why men great ‘til they gotta be great?” Put “Truth Hurts” on the request slip, hunny. Feeling ramped up like a vicious Carrie Underwood song? Ask our entertainers for a killer rendition of “Before He Cheats.” Rather dance it out with the crew or a perfectly fine new friend? “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is waiting to be tickled on the ivories of our grand pianos. Thanks, Whitney.

5. Jello Shots (shots shots shots).
Ask and you shall receive. Wait for our shot servers to come to you right in the nick of time to elevate your Howl experience with one of our famous Jello Shots (whipped cream optional but encouraged). Worried you’ll miss your chance? Don’t sweat. You can’t miss our servers. We’ll be the ones in tights, tutus and holding the giant red ring of jello injectors.

6. Strike a pose. It’s time for your photo op.
Are you serving looks? Want to feel like you’re on our red carpet? Grab a server, party host to snag a pic to capture the night at our step’and’repeat.

7. Hook the DD up!
Our unsung heroes of the night deserve applause for keeping you safe while holding your hair back (when applicable). At Howl at the Moon, ask about our Designated Driver Program to ensure the MVP of the night gets treated as such with free soft drinks of their choice. Don’t want your typical DD to sit this one out? Ask about our chauffeur partnerships with groups such as Lyft and local taxi services.

8. Reserve a table for the night.
If your squad and our entertainers are doing the job right, you’ll be up dancing all night long, but even our strongest dancing queens and kings need a breather. Inquire online about our table packages to create your own party hub and rest area for when you inevitably need it. Your boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do? Okay, okay. Ask about gaining speedy entry with our Jump the Line packages (trade secret: each pass comes with a $10 gift card to put towards drinks, depending on your Howl at the Moon location).

9. Enjoy patio season year-round.

Everyone breaks a sweat on the dancefloor—embrace it! Our patio is just steps away while you catch a quick, refreshing breath of night air until you’re ready to face the music freshly rejuvenated and under the neon light.

10. Become part of the show!

At Howl at the Moon, you are part of the show from the minute your spirit fingers fly through our doors. Wait for our entertainers to ask you to come to stage or ask our staff how you can have your time under the limelight!

Starting something new can be scary, but with good friends, drinks, and live music, no other experience can make you feel more alive. Come to Howl at the Moon to celebrate your Divorce Party with a spring in your step and new memories to outshine any even the most traditionally memorable nights of your life.

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