Things That Are Better Than Mondays

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Okay, it’s here again and you can’t avoid it. Mondays always seem to roll around so much faster than Fridays and we completely know how you feel.

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Some Mondays, you just gotta roll out of bed and hope that no one talks to you. But we figured out the secret, we figured out what makes even the worst Monday better and that’s cute animals. So, what’s better than 1 Monday? 8 cute animal gifs! And a solid plan for after work. For those of you wishing it was 5pm already, here’s a list of things that are better than Mondays and will hopefully lighten up that grumpy Monday attitude.

1. This otter who would rather play dead than wake up and go work this Monday.



2. This cat and this frog who are straight chillin’. No Monday is going to bother these two.



3. This panda who will not be stopped by Mondays from rolling down this hill.



4. This puppy who understands your addiction to the snooze button.




5. This puppy who’s had a long day at work and now just wants to play.


6-7. These two cats who just need a few more hours of shut eye.

tumblr_na55lbrflI1t4o62mo1_400 tumblr_nayh5cwlTc1ttjwiao1_400



8. This cat and bunny playing tag.





9. After work drinks! Trust us, they’ll help you get ready for Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.40.15 PM

Don’t worry, we believe in you. You can make it through this Monday. Just look into the adorable little eyes above and then grab your friends for some live music and tasty drinks to forget about this difficult day!

If your local Howl isn’t open on Mondays, fret not! Just fill out the entry form to win a party and plan your weekend. That will help you focus on what matters most – Friday.