Tiki Drink Recipes for the Perfect Summer

June 23, 2015

Ah summer, it’s that time of year where fruity drinks and light cocktails are all we can think about. Well, nothing says summer cocktail like a maraschino cherry and a tiny umbrella in your drink! If you’re like us, then you know that tiki cocktails are the definition of summer and vacation, so even if you’re not lucky enough to be able to take an island vacation this year, you can still fake it with these essential tiki drink recipes!

Classic Tiki Bar Drink Recipes

The Tiki Bandit


Let’s be honest with ourselves here, tiki drinks are just an excuse to drink fruit flavored rums and there is nothing wrong with that. This drink nails that perfectly. Mix up this drink recipe, sit back, and relax.


Apricot and Coconut Prosecco Punch


If you’ve ever wondered what apricot and coconut would taste like together, the answer is heaven. But, if you don’t want to take our word for it, just grab this Prosecco Punch drink recipe and test it out for yourself!


The Pink Bikini


Just the name of this drink makes you want to abandon all responsibilities and head to the beach doesn’t it? But the rum and raspberry lemonade concoction is really all you need this summer.


Passion Fruit Zombie


A slight twist on a tiki classic, the zombie is a staple in any island themed bar menu. Now mix it up with some tropical fruits and apricot brandy and you’ve got yourself a recipe for summer fun.


Navy Grog

Socks & Sandals from Bar Congress, image by photo by jody horton

As old as the tiki bar itself, this recipe is an original Polynesian bar standard. If you walk into a tiki bar and they can’t make you a Navy Grog, walk right out.


Singapore Sling


This drink recipe is another classic that can’t be missed. It’s basically gin and all of the fruit juices combined to make a delightfully refreshing cocktail. This Singapore Sling recipe has the classic version and a shortcut, cheater version for you lazy busy people out there.


Bahama Mama


Oh yes! The Bahama Mama is right up there with the Pina Colada as far as summer drink recipes go, but it’s so under rated! Try out this classic summer drink recipe and you might never go back. Pro Tip: it is perfectly fine to turn up your heat in the middle of winter, put on shorts, and whip up a Bahama Mama to beat the winter blues.


So hit the liquor store, grab your ingredients, and start sipping them on some beach towels! Or, if you’re not the DIY type, you could always drop by your local Howl at the Moon for a tropical, fruity, and delicious beverage. Sometimes, we even serve them in buckets! That’s how much we love summer drinks. If you enter your info below, you could win a Happy Hour party with us which means free admission for you and your friends, free food, a special menu, and more goodies! Just enter below:

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