Top 5 Steps to Have Awesome Birthday in Denver

August 18, 2023

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Whether older or younger, nobody can deny the incredible feeling of blowing out the candles and maybe getting a gift or two as well! At Howl at the Moon in Denver, we believe that every birthday celebration should be unforgettable, so follow this guide and make sure that you hit these points—we promise it will lead to your most howlin’ birthday yet!

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1.) Start the Day Off Right
Waking up and knowing that you have 24 hours devoted to you is an incredible feeling, so be sure to take advantage of the moment! Whether you are the type to spend the morning catching up on sleep or you want to savor every ray of sunshine, this is the most luxurious moment of your day. Bonus points if you can have someone serve you a breakfast (or even a Mimosa) in bed.

2.) Live What You Love
Make your birthday unique by deciding on your absolute favorite places and activities, and make your way through your birthday bucket list. Love to play sports? Getting friends together for a pickup game is a great way to celebrate with all your favorite people or you can hang out and watch a classic flick, head to your local coffee shop—just be wherever makes you happiest.

3.) Do Something Brand New
On the other side of the coin, your birthday is the best time for you to challenge yourself. There is no day where you’re feeling quite as confident, so try a new drink, hike that trail or finally take the plunge and share the stage with our band for a song. This is your day to be daring.

4.) Hit the Town
Getting out and about is the best way to let the town know that this night belongs to you! Make sure you are hitting up each of your favorite bars and restaurants, and don’t forget to stop by Howl at the Moon to get your birthday request in and a call-down from our band! Your entire crew forming a parade behind you is the best way to roam the streets in style.

5.) Get Ready to Do It All Again Next Year
Arriving at the tail end of your birthday celebration can be bittersweet, but have no fear. The best part about birthdays are that they come every year.

Birthday Party Places in Denver

Celebrate your next birthday in the most exciting way Denver has to offer, a customizable night at Howl at the Moon! Set your space up how you have always dreamed of with great amenities like cocktail stations, photo booths, great catering, specialty piano banners and so much more to create an unforgettable night. Reserved seating, semi-private rentals and even a full buyout for up to 330 guests are in the cards for a night that’s guaranteed to make you howl!

We also love throwing exciting bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events, happy hour parties and more! Book with us today.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Make sure you ask us about our table reservations.

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