Top 5 Worst Songs to Request at Howl at the Moon

January 28, 2024

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We love playing your requests at Howl, everything from Billy Joel to Justin Bieber to Flo Rida and ZZ Top- you say it, we play it. However, there are song requests that hit the pianos that make our entertainers cringe, whether the songs are long, depressing or outright annoying; we want to party and these do not hit the mark. Check out our list of top party songs, best 90’s songs, best 80’s songs, 40 best piano bar songs and best summer songs.

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5. Rammstein- “Du Hast”

The lyrics are “You, you hate, you hate me,” and it is in German. Call it the anti-Gangnam Style.

4. Iron Butterfly- “In-A-Gadda-Davida”

This song is 17 minutes and two seconds long, and has a 10 minute drum solo in the middle of it. The Simpsons spoofed this acid rock “classic” years ago as it should have been spoofed. We cannot even think of any fun drinking games to play during the marathon.

3. Paula Cole- “I Don’t Want to Wait”

Oh yeah, it’s the theme song to Dawson’s Creek…128 opening credits later, most people filed this song in the back of their heads hoping it wouldn’t come back. You are welcome; please think happy thoughts of James Van Der Beek before Varsity Blues and Katie Holmes pre-Tom Cruise.

2. The Trashmen- “Surfin Bird”

This one is bound to lodge itself into your brain and not escape for days, weeks or months. Playing the original does not do it enough justice, but Family Guy dedicated an entire episode to the song.

1. Gordon Lightfoot- “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

It’s long, it’s depressing, it’s about the sinking of a freighter in Lake Superior. The sun never shines in this one, and it ends like the movie Titanic. If you need a good nautical song to go with your boat drinks, pick some Jimmy Buffett, or “I’m on a Boat,” leave this one out at sea.

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