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April 29, 2019

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When you are howlin’ away to all of your favorite songs in Howl at the Moon’s Boston location, you are bound to have a drink in hand. Our 86 oz. buckets can be difficult to keep a handle of when you’re getting into the crowd (even though some have mastered this skill) and all shots are better when slammed before you head up to stage. The best way to make the most of your next Howl at the Moon experience is by checking out our awesome beer menu! We feature all of your favorites, plenty of classics and exactly what you will need to keep the night howlin’!

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Elysian Space Dust

Let’s start out strong—Elysian’s Space Dust is not for the faint-of-heart. An american double IPA out of Washington State, this brew boasts its 8.2% ABV rating with every sip and contains the most hops out of any beer in our club. Notes of citra and amarillo adds a refined flavor to its strong taste, making this an excellent beer to sip on as the night begins to unfold.

Lagunitas IPA

Looking for a ton of flavor without the heft that usually comes with an india pale ale? Lagunitas IPA is your answer, sporting a well-rounded, beautiful blend of caramel malt barley paired with a soothing blend of hops. An ABV of 6.2% leads this beer to a place of supreme drinkability—satisfying but in no way overwhelming. The crowd-favorite India Pale Ale does not tense your face like some IPA’s or imperial brews, but it definitely delivers a taste that’s delicious, to-the-point, and hard to go wrong with.

Boston Lager

It might as well be a law by now—you do not go through Boston without drinking a Sam Adams. This beer was the jumping-off point for flavorful brews, infusing the brew with the unmistakable taste of caramel hops in perfect fashion. Always robust and rich, Sam Adams Boston Lager pairs well with about anything on Howl at the Moon’s menu, especially our Black & Bleu burger. Sporting an ABV of 5.0%, this is the lager that is ready to keep your entire night flavorful.

Live Music Venue

Howl at the Moon brings more to your night than only great drinks, we have the best show in the city! Howl at the Moon’s musicians put on a thrilling live music experience, trading instruments and playing your favorite songs all night long and we even take requests. Booking a table reservation or semi-private space makes it even more fun to have a blast at Howl, plus we offer full-venue buyouts of all times. Choose Howl at the Moon for your next a title=”Boston birthday party places” href=””>birthday party</a, bachelor party, bachelorette party, holiday party, corporate event and much more—we are ready to make the night unforgettable!

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