Top Featured Items in Baltimore’s Beer Menu

October 19, 2018

There are few cities that appreciate a good beer like Baltimore, so Howl at the Moon made sure that our location in the Charm City its very own menu filled with favorites for every local. Even still, there are some beers at our bars that are elite brews, so we picked out our favorites that go great with howlin’ and are a must-try for your next time at Howl!

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Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop 3

This American IPA is just brimming with big hop flavor! A rich, citrus aroma carries over into a taste that’s full-bodied but not hard to drink whatsoever. The unique Hop3 name comes from the three pounds of hops that go into every barrel and the brewery’s three-step hopping method involving the kettle, hop back, and dropping — creating the kind of taste any IPA lover can howl over!

Blue Moon Belgian White

Who said good brews can’t be sweet? Blue Moon Belgian White is a unique blend of flavors. The not-quite-pale-ale possesses a crisp quality to its taste that is even more refreshing when it is served ice cold. Pale ale drinkers and cider aficionados should be rushing to grab a taste of Blue Moon Belgian White.


The last beer to make our list is an absolute classic. The Laguinitas IPA has been around since 1995, first as a seasonal offering from the brewery before becoming their most popular year-round beer. You can find this hoppy and malty brew at every one of our Howl at the Moon locations, but that doesn’t make it any less of a favorite around Baltimore. The flavor is well balanced and though the packaging on Laguinitas IPA describes it as “ruthlessly delicious”, the hint of sweetness at the end of every sip makes the beer far from overwhelming and will have you craving your next in no time.

Live Dueling Pianos Shows

Howl Baltimore is a beer drinker’s paradise and is the city’s perfect venue for exciting nights of all kinds. Private parties and events are right at home with plenty of space to celebrate, awesome drinks available all night, and the city’s ultimate dueling pianos and live music show rocking the biggest hit songs and requests. We even offer plenty of ways to customize your semi-private and private party space with amenities like specialty drink stations, catering options, and much more. Celebrating at Howl at the Moon is the perfect way to an unforgettable night.

Here at Howl at the Moon, we love to host bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate events, holiday parties and so much more.

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