10 Types of Dancers You See When You’re Out

October 20, 2014


You’ve all seen them and you probably are one of these yourself (but it’s never the one you think it is). No matter where you go out to shake your booty, there are just certain types of dancers you always run into. At every club, bar, or dance floor, you’ll always find at least 2 of these types of dancers, if not all of them.

10 Types of Dancers You’ll See at Every Club


The Awkward Dancer Trying to Fit In

You know who I’m talking about. They look a little bit like they’re trying on their limbs for the first time and keep eye balling the room even when they’re with all of their friends. Why? They’re trying to steal dance moves off other people. You go, awkward dancer!



The Ironic Dancer

Because dancing is fun, but making fun of people dancing is fun-er. This person will be seen dancing in spurts, almost always with a group of friends, trying to make the group laugh.



The Bopper

This type of dancer is very restricted in their movement. They usually will only bop their head or arm to the beat. The feet move from side to side a little. They usually hang out on the outskirts of the dance floor and are easy to spot.



The Surprisingly Good Guy Dancer

He seems a little goofy at first and there’s a lot of laughing and joking around, but, damn, this boy can dance.



The Good Dancer

There’s always one. And they always make you (and everyone else) look bad. We can’t all be Beyonce, dammit. Leave those body rolls at home in front of the mirror where they belong!



The Couple that Should Probably Get a Room

OK, we get it. You guys are attracted to each other. Bumping into everyone on the dance floor is not going to help your cause. Just go home already!



The Girl Group

Not sure if they practiced this or they’re just trying to show each other up? There is some definite twerk competition happening here or choreography? You really can’t be sure.



The Solo Artist

This person definitely dances to their own drummer and not because their rhythm is off.  This person will happily dance the night away all by themselves, even if there is literally no one else on the dance floor and they are fabulous at it. They’ve just been infected by the beat. Can’t stop them now.



The Roaming Grinder

You never know when he’ll show up and you might not see him coming, but he’s always there. Dancing by yourself or with a group of friends, it doesn’t matter. The roaming grinder will find you and try to grind with you whether you like it or not.



The “This is My Song!” Dancer

They request songs frequently and scream “This is my song!” to multiple songs in a night. They also tend to look annoyed and shift to The Bopper when it’s not their song.



That’s all that we’ve been able to categorize so far. Next time you’re out shaking your groove thing at Howl at the Moon, see how many you can spot! The person that finds the most gets a shot 😉

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