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January 17, 2019

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Whether you are looking for upbeat ways to build your team or recognize clients for their loyalty and trust, booking corporate entertainment in Chicago, customized to your audience, can help set the mood for the new year.

With plenty of Chicago corporate event venues competing for your attention, booking the perfect one is the difference between a good time and the best time ever. Here are a few booking tips to help The City That Works…play!

Plan Early: Great Drinks, Live Music and an Awesome Night Out
Booking a venue for a Chicago corporate event is a huge responsibility. Thriving on the drive and diversity of its neighborhoods, this city offers event organizers a variety of ways to help guests unwind and let loose. Avoid disappointment by booking early and streamline the planning process by booking an excellent event space that conveniently offers customized packages for food, drinks as well as entertainment.

Finding the Perfect Venue: One Size Does Not Fit All
­With its non-stop buzz and an impressive mixture of entertainment, restaurants, theaters and art galleries catered to a variety of tastes and interests, deciding on a venue for your Chicago corporate event become a daunting task. Always select an event space that can be customized to your needs. Perhaps, you are looking to book space for an intimate private gathering of 10-20 people or you are going all out with 400 people. In either case, event space should be able to accommodate your party requirements.

Setting the Right Mood: Keep Guests Mingling
Not all events are created equally. Whether you are planning a bachelorette party or corporate networking event, search for locations that provide memorable experiences by offering several event options. From a low-key, private gathering to a live music bar or a high-energy show centered around dance hits and party anthems, keep guests entertained by setting the right mood for the right audience.

The Show: Customized Performances
Entertainers enhance your event. Inform the venue and performers, well in advance, of any special requests or changes in your event to ensure the most memorable performance. At some party venues, talented entertainers can alter their performance with a song written especially for your company. Ah…that is sweet.

Party Venues Chicago

Whether you are celebrating a birthday party or a corporate event, Howl Chicago offers a unique nightlife and corporate friendly experience. What is great about us hosting your corporate event is that Howl at the Moon can customize your event to whichever way you prefer. If you want to party until dawn or network and have a presentation without any live music, we can do that! Our corporate and private event packages will leave your guests howling at the moon. Contact us today at 312-327-0755 to book your party.

Not only can we host awesome corporate events, but we love to host bachelor parties, birthday parties, holiday parties and so much more. Host your next event only at Howl at the Moon

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