9 Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

October 24, 2023

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It is the giving time of year and if you are anything like most of America, you probably have a long list of people to buy gifts for. Chances are, there is a music lover or two  on your list. Since we are music lovers ourselves at Howl at the Moon, we thought it would be nice of us to help out your holiday shopping and share some cool gifts for music lovers that are on our wishlist. Now you have one less thing to think about when Christmas shopping!

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1. Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp

If you know someone who loves to have music on at all times even when there is not a speaker around, let them turn the party up with this sleek and well-designed phone amp. Great gift idea for a shower singer!

2. Personalized Guitar Pick

Make sure the guitarist in your life never forgets how much you mean to them with a personalized guitar pick! Or give your biggest fan a special personalized necklace showing how much their support means to you.

3. Mixtape Glasses

Not only are they adorable, but you will never have to wonder which glass was yours again! These mixtape glasses will keep your sneaky aunt Susan from “accidentally” chugging all the whiskey.

4. Music Note Necklace

Simple, sweet, and shows off their love of music. Any music lover would be happy to get this little charm necklace  they could wear every day.

5. Americana Measuring Spoons

A guitar player that loves to cook? Oh, they are out there and they all would be so excited to get this measuring spoon set. Plus, when you are not using them for…you know…measuring stuff, they make perfect mini air guitars.

6. Wood, Engraved Record Dividers

If you know someone whose record collection could rival a small record store, this little organizational tool is for your music lover. The wood record dividers are lazer cut and engraved with the alphabet for easy sorting. For serious audiophiles only.

7. Bluetooth Droplet Speaker

This gift is for the music lover that treats the shower like a karaoke bar. You know who they are, especially if you have ever had to wait in their home for them to shower. This is the ultimate gift for shower sing-a-long time or works great for your friend who cannot stay away from the beach or pool!

8. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

Because standing next to a speaker for hours at a time can be damaging to your hearing, you want to make sure your music lover is saving their earbuds for the future! These hi-fidelity earplugs will lower decibel levels so their safer for the ears without muffling or distorting sound like some other earplugs. Perfect for the constant concert go-er or musician!

9. 1 Year of Spotify

Of course, there is the simplest and most useful gift you could give a music lover – 1 year of Spotify Premium. If you are shopping for a music lover, there’s always 1 sure-fire gift you can give them, even if they have everything, and that is music! Seems so simple, right? See, there is no reason to stress out over holiday shopping.

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