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March 11, 2020

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When you are thinking of fun group activities in San Antonio, think of Howl at the Moon, first. Whether you are spending Happy Hour with your coworker, or have the establishment all to yourselves for a private event, we can definitely provide the unforgettable experience you have been searching for.

Come in any day of the week to sing as loudly as humanly possible from 60’s to today’s hits with your group, while excitedly waiting for our entertainers to call down your guest of honor for some lighthearted embarrassment.  What a great excuse to roast your CEO, bachelorette or birthday guy/gal. If you happen to come in on a particular night, you may even get to participate with the crowd in an 80’s drink game.

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Party Venues San Antonio

Top it off with a private, corporate event for some customized fun such as, tricycle races (if you are feeling limber), karaoke or simply a “Name That Tune” game.  We can also incorporate those good ol’ team building activities such as a group lip-syncing talent show or a build-your-own-drink contest.  The possibilities are endless. Let us know how high on the fun radar you want your event, and we will make it happen.

Howl at the Moon can host birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events and more. Book your party today. We are open 7 nights a week; reserve your table today. Make sure you check out Merkaba, San Antonio’s best nightlife experience.

Need to get started planning? Contact us at 210-212-4770 or email us at today.

Howl at the Moon is the leading party venue in San Antonio.

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