Guide to Hosting a Team Building Event

June 6, 2024

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Let’s not kid ourselves, most team building events are lame. The staff all meet in a stuffy room in the back of the office and maybe toss a ball around or run through an office supply obstacle course. It is not exactly the height of entertainment. What if there was a way to host a team building event that your employees are actually excited to attend, though? One with amazing music, drinks and an event space that is customizable? Well, there is. Book your next team building event at Howl at the Moon! Why?

• An amazing atmosphere: Where you host the event is extremely important. You do not want your team to get bored and zone out. Howl at the Moon is a venue that is full of energy and fun!
• A fantastic sound system: We offer private booking, and you can take advantage of our outstanding sound system to host your team building event and walk your team through team-building exercises.
• Great music: A fun team building event has the right soundtrack! Our amazing musicians can play your favorite tunes. Have fun with your team singing along to the classics.
• Drinks to loosen up: A couple of drinks can help your employees to open up a bit and really connect with each other.

Event space

Our semi-private events are an excellent way to take your team building event to the next level with more privacy and catering that can include a special cocktail menu, food, shots, buckets and more. For more customization, consider our fully private events!

Don’t have a boring team-building event where the most popular activity is trying to stay awake. Book with Howl at the Moon today!

Live Music Bar

We love to host birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, private parties, cocktail parties, fundraisers, networking events, meetings, team building events and more.

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