Guide to Choosing an Event Venue

May 14, 2024

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Event Venue Ideas

Some events are put together haphazardly and sloppily, often focusing too much about what it is you are trying to do than how much your guests will enjoy it. Whether it is a celebration like a birthday party or bachelorette party or a professional setting like a business networking event, the setting you are in is the first chance you will have to introduce your guests to your event and set the tone for the evening. This guide will help you make the right decision when it comes to booking space for a special night!

Event space

Room Size
The most important thing to consider is how many people will be attending your event. You do not want to end up wasting a rental on a large hall for a party of six, and alternatively having too many guests in too cramped of a space is even worse! Howl at the Moon’s locations, however, have the right fit for your party. We have private and semi-private booking options available for any event, often with groups as large as 200! Howl’s party space differs in size by location, but table reservations, VIP sections and even our entire venue can be set up to you and your guests’ exact needs!

You don’t want to be the kind of host running around and making sure that every person is enjoying the night. It is stressful on you, and nobody likes feeling forced into awkward social situations. Instead, why not leave it to the professionals to keep your guests entertained? Bringing in speakers, dancers or musicians adds excitement and anticipation to any event. Even better, Howl at the Moon’s live band is the top in class for entertaining your guests! From background music to a genre-bending, instrument-swapping performance, Howl’s band will play to the exact mood of the evening and have hundreds of hit songs in their setlist.

Some party halls and event spaces can just be a little too bland for your event. Streamers, balloons can help, but plain white walls and paneling do not make for a most-welcoming aesthetic. A good idea is to choose a venue that has hosted something similar to your event in the past and can set up their space to your needs. All of Howl at the Moon’s locations let you deck out the venue your way, including custom piano banners, photo booths, cocktail stations, catering options and more. We are pros at hosting events of any type and promise to make your night unforgettable for all of your guests.

To put a bow on your evening, the last thing you need are drinks! It is not just about putting out the most popular types of liquor and mixers, either. People want to have fun and be excited! Nothing lights up an event like picture-worthy and customized cocktails, shots and fishbowls. Howl at the Moon loves to creating the perfect buzz for your party with specialty named drinks, cocktail stations and drink packages including unlimited beer, liquor and more (ask us about our wine options). Plus, our 86 oz. signature buckets are your best bet for bringing your guests closer together!

The final and most important thing to be on the lookout for when searching for an event venue is the type of service you are getting. It is crucial to know and relay what you and your party’s exact needs are so the venue can determine if they can provide accordingly. The worst kind of situation is being stuck in a venue that would be otherwise perfect, and having to deal with understaffed, rude or bland service. Luckily, Howl at the Moon’s servers are out of this world and are the true stars of our show. More than anything, they want to see you up and moving, enjoying your event to its full potential! You may see them up on stage or dancing in the crowd, but if you need someone to howl with, they will be right there singing along with you.

We love to host birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, private parties, cocktail parties, fundraisers, networking events, meetings, team building events and more.

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