Indianapolis Networking Events

Hosting a successful night out takes on a whole new meaning when you are celebrating with us. Howl at the Moon is Wholesale District’s favorite venue for hosting private events of all kinds, perfect for your next networking event. Complete with plenty of space for your night to unfold in, plus delicious drinks and the city’s best live music show, Howl Indianapolis is ready to host the networking event your guests will never forget.

Getting the Wholesale District howlin’ is as easy as heading to Howl at the Moon! Semi-private and private reservations with us can customize our space to include the perfect amenities to make your networking event shine, like step-and-repeat photo stations, specialty drinks and piano banners designed for your night. Buffet-style appetizer, entree and dessert catering lets you keep all of your guests’ cravings at bay, plus you can even control the entire night’s vibe by taking charge of our show’s start time, setlist and stage settings. Howl Indianapolis is here to make sure your networking event reaches the next level.

Let your networking event loosen up with a drink at Howl at the Moon’s bar! Our venue always remains stocked with an outstanding selection of beer, while our bartenders have Howl’s legendary shots, cocktails and 86 oz. buckets — the ultimate ice breaker in any networking situation – ready to be mixed up at a moment’s notice. Thrill your guests even more with a customized drink package filled with their favorites to sip on throughout the night.

Once the connections have been made, all that is left to do is rock out! No other show in Indianapolis can deliver the excitement that Howl at the Moon’s band brings to the stage night after night. Roaring through a dueling pianos show packed with hit songs and the crowd’s best requests, Howl’s band is ready to get this dance floor packed — we will even make the night more exciting with more musicians join in the action on guitars, drums and more! Make your next networking event unforgettable by hosting it at the Wholesale District’s favorite venue, Howl at the Moon.

Howl Indianapolis is also perfect for hosting bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties, holiday parties and more. Book your party today.

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“Cool space. Went here for a networking event and it was a really nice environment.”

“Good food, helpful staff, perfect for a corporate event, which we did. Everyone raved!”

“Such a good time! Love the staff and the environment!”