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434 South 4th Street #131 Louisville, KY 40202

General Manager

Crystal Siemasko

Sales and Events Manager

Bridget Griffin


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Do you have an age restriction for entry?

Yes, 21 and over.

What is the cover typically?


What time do you usually get busy? Will there be a line?

It depends on the convention. Friday Saturday, it’s around 10 PM.

What time does the show start? Do I have to be there by the time show starts? Do I have to reserve a table to come to Howl?

An hour after we open, except for Monday which is 30 minutes. You can come any time from open until last call. Reserving a table is not needed.

How soon should I book my Table/Jump the Line package?

We ask for 72 hours, but in some cases we book them the day of the night.

Can we purchase Table/Jump the Line packages the night of?


There are a bunch of us wanting to buy tables and sit together. Can you put us all in the same section?

Yes, if the tables are reserved with enough time to accommodate.

How many people can fit at a table?

4 chairs accompany every table, We do at times add a 5th chair.

If we won a happy hour, can we reserve a table?

Yes, and it is typically at a discounted rate.

Does everyone have to arrive by 8 PM?


Is there a maximum or minimum number of Jump the Line packages you have to purchase?


What if we’re running late?

As long as we know ahead of time we can typically accommodate.

What if I need to cancel my purchase?

We require a 24 hour advance notice. It is also stated in the contracts.

Where do we park?

The best place to park in off of Muhammad Ali Blvd and 5th street. There is a garage there.

What if I’m stuck in line after 8 PM, will I lose my table?

No, and we hold tables until 9 PM.

Are table reservations available Sunday – Thursday?

Yes, we take reservations for every night we are open.

Do you have a dress code?

We follow all the dress codes that the street mandates.

Is there gratuity added to Table Reservations and Jump the Line packages?


We have free admission passes, can they be applied to our payment?


Can we pay for a Table/Jump the Line package with cash or a Gift Card/Groupon/Living Social Offer?


Do you offer military discounts?


Where can I find more information about parties and events?

Check out how you can reserve a table, our bachelor parties page, bachelorette parties page, birthday parties page, corporate events page and our holiday parties page.


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