Katie Sido

“I be up in the gym just working on my fitness”
-Fergie “Fergalicious”

Katie Sido, Chicago Sales and Events Manager
Email: katie.sido@howlatthemoon.com
Hometown: Southern Illinois
First employed at Howl at the Moon Chicago since 2009 as a server 🙂

Q. What do you love most about working at Howl at the Moon?
A. I love that my job is helping people have fun!

Q. What does life outside of Howl at the Moon look like?
A. Sunny! I love to be outside! Reading, going on walks, surfing and being poolside.

Q. Share a fun fact about yourself!
A. I teach fitness classes in my spare time and have held a number of Howl at the Moon classes for my coworkers. They love it! Also, PB&J is my absolute favorite food.

Q. When you saddle up at the bar, what are you drinking?
A. Vodka water with lemon.

Q. Who is your favorite sports team?
A. Living in Chicago I know I’m not suppose to say this, but the St.Louis Cardinals.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in your city?
A. Summer festivals and farmers markets are the best.

Q. What is your favorite movie of all time?
A. “Tommy Boy” (an obvious classic).

Q. What was your favorite vacation?
A. Maui! I just went for the 3rd time

Q. What colors/patterns does your wardrobe consist of?
A. Black gray and blue.

Q. What is your favorite memory at Howl at the Moon?
A. Making and wearing matching shirts for a coworker’s birthday!

Q. What is your go-to song request at Howl at the Moon?
A. Heart: “Alone”.

Q. What is your favorite cocktail at Howl at the Moon?
A. Sex on the Moon.

Q. If you could work at any other Howl at the Moon location, which would it be?
A. I’ve worked at a few, but I wouldn’t mind serving it up in Boston!

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