Golf Suites at Howl Splitsville Foxborough

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All the fun of the best indoor golfing experience is at Howl Splitsville! Golf Suites has joined forces with the most rocking way to hit the bowling lanes to create a night out like none other.

We suggest reservations when it is a special occasion, as we only have four Golf Suites in our venue. They tend to accumulate long waits into the evening! They are also brand new and very popular right now!

Golf Suites

Reservation rates are a premium rate, as the Golf Suite will be ready for you at your desired time-frame, regardless of the wait at that time. We have been seeing a 2 hour wait lately during the week and weekends for Golf Suites.

We fit a max of 8 people per bay playing games at one time and 10 MAX in the suite (for safety purposes with golf clubs and hockey sticks).

Golf Suites are NOT only golf! No matter your sport, we have you covered. Games include: Top Competitor, Top Challenge, Top Pressure, Baseball Pitching, Hockey Shootout, Zombie Dodgeball and Carnival Games.

Reservation Rates for Golf Suites: 2 hour minimum
We do not take 1 suite reservations. We suggest walking-in if you only require 1 suite (8 or less players).

4:00PM-CLOSE: $100 per hour/per bay

4:00PM-CLOSE: $120 per hour/per bay

Saturday and Sunday
11:00AM-CLOSE: $120 per hour/per bay

Golf Suites WALK-IN Rates:
4:00PM-CLOSE: $30 per hour/per bay

4:00PM-CLOSE: $50 per hour/per bay

Saturday and Sunday*
12:00PM-CLOSE: $50 per hour/per bay

*Minimum 1 hour and maximum 2 hours

We do not allow outside golf clubs

Party venue

Party Venue

Looking to book a party? Howl Splitsville is the ultimate party venue that encompasses luxury bowling and live music. We host corporate events, birthday parties, holiday parties, kids’ birthday parties, networking events, meetings, private parties and so much more. Our brand new Golf Suite offers a comfortable, private space to gather for parties and meetings or even work on your swing. Get in touch with us today at 508-698-2695 to book your next party.