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July 11, 2023

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It is that time of year for your corporate party that you are probably dreading if you don’t have a core group of work friends that can keep you occupied from any awkwardness. You are definitely dreading going to sit at a table making small talk with coworkers who you could never see yourself partying with. Well, if you have your company outing at Howl Splitsville, you will go from wanting to “only go and say hi so they know I went” to “let’s have a corporate party every week!”

Group outing

Not only does Howl Splitsville have a variety of tasty food and cold drinks to offer, but did you know that we have live music entertainment and bowling? The atmosphere is perfect for a group outing, it would be crazy to choose another venue for your gathering!

You want to reserve just one bowling lane? We have that.
You want to reserve a cluster of lanes? We do that.
You want to feel like a“VIP”? We have a perfect VIP section with a great view of the stage.
You want to reserve the entire venue? You’re in luck, because we offer that perk as well.

Corporate Events

Howl Splitsville is Foxborough’s go-to choice to party: live music show and luxury bowling lanes. We can host kids birthday parties, networking events, corporate events, team building events, holiday parties, meetings, graduations and so much more. Book your next party only at Howl Splitsville in Foxborough. Our brand new Golf Suites offers a comfortable, private space to gather for parties and meetings or even work on your swing. Plus, reserving your space is easy at Howl Splitsville. Book your party today by calling us at 508-698-2695.

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