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November 22, 2023

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Cover bands are awesome. A great cover band can take any party, private event, wedding or any event at all and turn it into a crazy dance party. Cover bands can take you back to the 70’s, 80’s, whenever. They are timeless. They can play anything. It is like having a DJ at your party, except LIVE! A great cover band can get your party going and get your guests on their feet. Who doesn’t love to dance and sing along to their favorite songs with their buddies? Not many people folks, not many at all.

Dueling pianos

However, we have all seen our fair share of cover bands that make our spines tingle. Many cover bands take our favorite songs and beat them to a pulp, ruining the song, the dance and the entire evening. It can be a horrifying experience that has turned many people off of cover bands forever. Howl at the Moon would like to apologize for the performances of poor cover bands, and to let you know that if you swear off cover bands forever, you are going to miss out on some truly great musical moments .

Howl’s Cover Band Does It RIGHT

Howl at the Moon’s dueling piano players are professionally trained musicians. These people have studied music. They have analyzed rhythms, examined harmonies, and scrutinized melodies. Our live band has accepted the challenge to memorize and master thousands of songs that they didn’t write, to earn their success through hard work and dedication, and to give the show their all, each and every night that they step on the Howl at the Moon stage. All to bring you the best covers of popular songs that you will ever hear, ever.

Party Venue

Looking for a party venue for your next bash? Howl at the Moon can host awesome birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events and more.

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