90’s Trends and Fads

June 9, 2024

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The 90’s was a time when culture shifted dramatically—almost overnight. The glitz, glam and neon of the 80’s faded, and a certain subgenre put a stake in the heart of hair metal. Let’s take a look at the trends and fads that defined the 90’s!

• Grunge: When people think of the 90’s, one of the first things that comes to mind is grunge (particularly the Seattle bands led by Nirvana and Pearl Jam). Grunge killed hair metal overnight and launched a revolution in not only rock music but pop culture overall.
• Musical exploration: While grunge defined the early and mid-90s, the late ‘90s was an explosion of different styles. From electronic music to nu metal, pop to the swing revival (remember that?), the 90’s had mainstream hits of all styles.
• Gangster rap: Rap changed its tone a lot from the 80’s to 90’s. The focus changed from fun songs about butts to songs about real-life struggles.
• Alternative Grunge helped to kick off the genre now known as “alternative,” with notable bands like Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty and so many more fantastic rock acts.

90's decade trends

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